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Hi, we're Anko!

Simple, modern, and affordable

We open up a world of creative possibilities

Great designs alone are not enough. Alongside our like-minded global partners, we’ve worked ethically to break down the barriers to low price, simplifying everywhere so that we can offer prices that are truly affordable.

Keeping an eye on eco-friendliness

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to respect the planet, and sustainability development challenges cannot be tackled alone. That's why we are building our Better Together sustainable development program on partnerships.

Together with the Better Cotton Initiative, We have set an ambitious goal to source the cotton used in our goods from sustainable sources.

Better Together Initiative

Focus on the things in life that really matter

We believe that you should have more time to spend with your family in a useful and beautiful surrounding. With Anko, you'll be living in rooms that look like they fell straight out of the pages of a fashion catalog, you'll save money, and you might not be able to get that smile off of your face for a couple days!

Experience Anko at one of our retail locations!