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Types of Cookware

Knowing what type of cookware to use for a specific meal is essential. Let us help you find the right pieces.

$10 - $59

Cookware Sets

Entire solutions to help get you started in the kitchen.

$5 - $25


Sizes and materials to suit any cooking style.

$5 - $25


Cook up a storm with our range of versatile saucepans.

$6 - $29

Casserole Dish

Larger cookware pieces perfect for those bigger meals.

Cookware Materials

Learn more about your options and the features for the different ranges and collections of Anko cookware.



Everyday Non-Stick

An everyday type of cookware that heats up quickly and has non-stick properties.

Stone Grey


Stone Grey Aluminum

Cookware coated with marble for an improved non-stick surface, perfect for more complex meals that usually leave a mess!

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel based cookware range which is durable and longer lasting. It helps to evenly distribute heat and is oven suitable.

Features of Cookware Materials

Make sure your cookware is right for you. Our range of pots and pans have unique features to cater for multiple cooking experiences.



Kmart’s non-stick cookware is convenient to cook and easy to clean. These don’t need much oil or fat for cooking and food rarely sticks to the surface.

PFOA free


PFOA, also known as Perfluorooctanoic acid, is a synthetic material that releases dangerous toxins when heated up. We make sure all our cookware is PFOA free and safe for you to use.

dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe

Our dishwasher safe products are tested by a certified laboratory to ensure they can be cleaned in a domestic dishwasher.

induction suitable

Induction suitable

Specialized cookware base designed to work with Induction type cooktops - will also work with all other cooktops.

oven safe

Oven safe

Our oven safe products are tested by a certified laboratory to ensure they can be used in a domestic oven.

Caring for your cookware

Tip One

For optimal heat distribution, the pan or pot size should match or be slightly larger than the heating surface.

Tip Two

Use a low to medium heat except when bringing water to the boil. Too much heat will cause food to burn and may damage non-stick surfaces.

Tip Three

Always use heat resistant plastic, nylon or wooden cooking utensils on the non-stick finish.

Tip Four

Avoid the use of sharp-edged or metal utensils as these may cause minor scratching on the appearance of the coating.

Tip Five

Pouring cold water, or placing a hot pan in cold water will cause the base to warp. Leave the pan to cool before washing in hot, soapy water

Tip Six

Do not heat or leave empty cookware on a hot burner for more than 3 minutes.