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Setting up your space

When learning to raise a kitten or take care of a cat, the first thing you need to know is that cats absolutely love to explore! So you should take some time to outfit your indoor environment and make it as natural as the great outdoors. You can start to make your cat feel comfortable and safe by introducing them to one room at a time. Spend a couple of days on each room, slowly inviting them to more rooms in their new environment. Eventually (and inevitably), your cat will walk around like they own the place, but they will have to learn that confidence. Help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings by scattering the same toys and moving their bed and blanket to each new room that you introduce them to!

Kitten essentials

  1. 1.  Comfy bed and warm blanket
  2. 2. Food & water bowls
  3. 3. Litter box, scooper, and litter
  4. 4. Cat Collar
  5. 5. Cat tower or scratcher
  6. 6. Toys

Anko's Top tips

1.  Encourage your new cat to explore their new environment.

2. Do your research to be able to easily recognize risks to health, and how to care well for your cat.

3. Kitty-proof the house! Ensure there are no cords to chew on or get tangled in.

4. Check that household cleaners are out of reach, and securely stored.

5. Replace breakable items that sit on counters, shelves, and tables, with plastic alternatives.