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Setting up your space

After all your research and finally agreeing on your pets’ name, it’s time to think about creating a living space for your dog. The best places for a dog to live are relatively quiet, but close to social areas where the family likes to hang out. You'll need to decide if your pooch will get an entire room, or occupy a portion of a room. If your pup will get an entire room, choose a snug place away from windows for the dog bed. If they will be living in a portion of a room, choose a peaceful spot away from air conditioning units and heating vents. As your pup settles, it's important to expose them to as many things as possible, while keeping their experience positive.

Anko's Top tips

1.  Introduce family and friends one at a time and slowly, ensuring that all children approach the pet with care.

2. Do your research on pet health and behaviours. Start training and determine boundaries by limiting access in the house and garden.

3. Puppy-proofing the house! Check that there are no cords to chew or get tangled in.

4. Check that household cleaners are out of reach, and securely stored.

5. Where possible replace breakable items with plastic ones.